How to Get Started as a Home-Based Travel Agent Turn Your Passion Into Extra Income

Maybe you only want a part time business.  Maybe you’re still working and want to try out being a travel agent with the thought that it might be a good retirement job.  Maybe you only want to get discounts off your own travel.

Or maybe you want to build a large business?  The best part about a home-based travel business is that you can design it to fit into YOUR life.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I first got started. I truly made every mistake in the book, and learned everything the hardest way possible… through trial and error.

But by the end of that first exhausting year, I tallied up my numbers and realized that I had sold $1,056,324 (more than a million dollars!) in cruises.

My business became so successful that my husband quit his job as a management consultant and now works full time in the business with me.

Sue Bradley sold more than a million dollars in cruises in her FIRST year as a home-based travel agent. She can help you get started too!

You’ve probably heard that travel agents are a dying breed and that everyone is booking their travel on the internet now. NOT so…

The reality is that most people research their travel options online, then contact a travel agent when they’re ready to book. For example, 70% of cruises are booked through a travel agent.

The biggest spenders in the travel market – baby boomers and older folks – dislike using the computer for business transactions, and prefer the personal touch.

These are the people you’ll be attracting as a home-based travel agent.


Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Work from home
  • Set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like
  • Get paid to help friends and family book their vacations… something you’re likely doing already
  • Share your enthusiasm for cruising with others
  • Be on the inside track to get great deals for your clients (and yourself!)
  • Cruise more often – because you get discounted (or free) travel
  • 60 Day Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t Repeat My Costly Mistakes…

P.S.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about becoming a home-based travel agent for a while now. Take the first step today!  FINALLY, with “Answers To Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent”, you can get all your questions answered and decide for sure whether you want to move ahead with a satisfying, profitable home-based travel business that fits into your life.